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Air Force Academy Unveils Latest Construction Projects

Local news station KKTV in Colorado Springs covered the latest construction project updates going on at the Air Force Academy, expected to complete by the end of this year.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) ~ "The United States Air Force Academy rolled out several projects on Thursday, three of which are expected to be finished by the end of this year.

The Hosmer Visitor Center

The Air Force Academy is building a new visitors center outside of the north gate of the campus. USAFA officials said this center will have several exhibits that will emulate the full experience of being a cadet to inspire the next generation at the academy. The center will not only be a visitors center for the academy but will also double as a Colorado State visitors center as well. Being visible from the north and south side of I-25, accessibility was a point of emphasis for this new facility. Despite being slightly smaller than the current facility, it’s hard to miss with roofing that signifies an aircraft turning. The project is expected to finish in May and will be open to the public in December of 2025

Polaris Hotel

Next door to the visitors center, the hotel will be the only one in the country with immersive flight simulators. It will be a 375-room resort-style hotel with mid-century modern architectural style similar to what exists at the academy. The hotel includes 6 restaurants and bars, a 6-room full-service spa, a fitness room, and multiple event spaces. The hotel is expected to be available to the public in November.

Falcon Stadium East Club

Tickets will be harder to come by this season at Falcon Stadium after building a new premium seating section in the east wing. According to athletic officials overseeing the project, the capacity of the stadium will shrink from nearly 47,000 people to 39,000 after the 1,200-seat club is built. The premium seating club will feature its own entrance, open-air hospitality decks, food and beverage options, a merchandise area, and a ticket office. The premium seating project is part of a 90-million-dollar modernization project for the stadium and is expected to be finished by the opening day of the football season in September of this year.

Madera Cyber Innovation Center

This new building will house the Department of Computer and Cyber Sciences to serve more than 1,400 cadets. The facility will serve as a tech center for programs and curriculum to educate cyber operators and will also have courses in cybersecurity and data protection. The school will feature a secure classroom facility to simulate real-world military exercises, an indoor drone facility, a visualization lab for processing large amounts of data, and a cyber research lab. The school will have fiber internet capabilities, having the fastest internet possible, and is expected to be built by August of this year.

Cadet Chapel

The Cadet Chapel is still currently under restoration. The USAFA is addressing water intrusion in the ceiling that existed since the chapel was built in 1962. There was caulking installed when it was built that didn’t prevent water breaches in the aluminum roofing. The chapel is under heavy scaffolding and construction crews on the project are installing an aluminum water barrier beneath the aluminum exterior of the chapel after the final piece of the aluminum was removed in March. Currently, construction crews are testing the integrity of this water barrier using a jet engine that propulses water at the barrier and simulates 8in of water in 15 min. The chapel is expected to be built and open to the public by the year 2027." ~ COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV)

Click the link below for a short video update.

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