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Affordable Places To Retire Across The World

Have you ever thought of moving to a foreign country when you retired? Check out those destinations worldwide where the average cost of living is under one thousand dollars a month.

Thailand Golfer
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thetravel ~ "El Jadida, Morocco

Average Cost of Living with Rent:$500

A beautiful mélange of European and Moroccan cultures on the Atlantic coast, El Jadida is gleaming with natural wonders. Being a port city, it's a coastal charm and is home to lovely beaches in Morocco, a gorgeous country filled with timeless medieval medinas. In 2004, the Portuguese Fortified City of Mazagan, which is now part of El Jadida, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city's unique architectural heritage, the growing international community, the Mediterranean climate, and the low cost of living beckon many retirees to greatly consider El Jadida as their retirement destination.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Average Cost of Living with Rent:$651

Elaborate Buddhist temples and beautiful handicrafts are among the things that retirees will discover in the mountainous Chiang Mai, where the mountain lanes are perfect for a motorbike road trip. What makes it even more tempting for retirees is the city's strong expat community, with more than 30,000 members helping each other have a fruitful life in Chiang Mai. It's a cultural and religious center with many natural landscapes to explore. Chiang Mai also boasts an excellent healthcare system and low crime rate, and the cost of living is affordable, perfect for retirees who have a fixed monthly income". ~ thetravel

For the complete list of affordable places to live around the world, please click the link below:

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