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Active & Retired Military: Travel Deals for Military Personnel

Here is information on some companies that are offering active & retired military discounts.

Travel Awaits ~ "There are hundreds of resources available to US veterans and active military members. But they’re not always easy to find and use, especially when it comes to travel offers.

But there are plenty of resources out there designed to simplify the process of finding and using military discounts for flights, tours, hotels, and more.

You might be thinking about the Armed Forces Vacation Club or WeSalute Club (both are solid options). But there’s no need to join a formal club to access savings.

In fact, you can find dozens of offers without joining a travel group.

Below, I cover the best travel deals for military personnel.

The focus is on flights and hotels, which are usually the priciest part of booking a trip. These deals are available from official state-sponsored initiatives and informal discounts offered by leading travel brands." ~ Travel Awaits

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