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A Potentially Category 5 Typhoon Hitting Guam Tuesday May 23rd At 10 pm EST.

Guam is bracing for a potentially catastrophic storm to impact the region tonight (Wednesday at noon local time). Guam officials are on high alert and are urging residents to seek shelters.

Vickers Wellington Bombers | Royal Air Force File Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia ~ "A powerful typhoon is headed toward Guam, which could be the strongest tropical cyclone to impact the island in decades.

Super Typhoon Mawar could directly hit Guam with winds as strong as 160 mph -- equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane. The strong tropical cyclone is expected to strike around noon local time Wednesday, which would be around 10 p.m. ET Tuesday.

A typhoon warning has been issued for the U.S. island territory, located in the western Pacific.

Rainfall could reach as high as 20 inches, and storm surge is forecast to reach as high as 25 feet. The super typhoon is already producing waves up to 45 feet in the ocean near Guam.

Guam's Office of Civil Defense advised residents on Tuesday to seek shelter immediately, as Mawar is 'expected to make a direct hit or very near passage for Guam.'" ~

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