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A New Italian Airport Terminal Will Have A Green Roof That Produces Wine

As part of a growing trend to add vegetation to airports, the architect building the future Amerigo Vespucci Airport Terminal in Florence, Italy, announced that he planned to add a producing vineyard on the roof of the building.

Airport Terminal
Photo Courtesy Of Pixabay

New Atlas ~ "The gently sloping vineyard will measure 19 acres (7.6 hectares) and will include 38 rows. Obviously there are challenges with regard to irrigation and cultivation, but according to the designers, a leading winemaker from the region will maintain it all and produce wine, which will be aged in specialized cellars beneath the terminal.

Alongside the headline-grabbing vineyard, Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci will also involve lengthening and reorienting an existing runway, moving it away from nearby hills which currently limit the ability of some modern aircraft to operate. Additionally, arrival and departure areas will be arranged across a large public space at the center of the new terminal. There will be a focus on making the airport easy to navigate for weary travelers too". ~ New Atlas.

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