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A New 35-Day Civil War Battlefields Cruise

American Cruise Line announced a new cruise departing from New Orleans, LA, and ending in Gettysburg, PA. The trip includes land excursions to some significant United States Battlefields, including Fort Sumter, Shiloh, Antietam, and Gettysburg.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia ~ "Anybody who enjoys learning about the Civil War, taking scenic river cruises, or both, needs to block 35 days off in their calendar next spring.

American Cruise Lines has announced a new cruise, called the Civil War Battlefields Cruise. It will depart from New Orleans on May 4, 2024, and will conclude in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on June 6, 2024. The 35-day itinerary, which travels through 13 states, includes stops at nearly every major battlefield of the Civil War — including Fort Sumter, Shiloh, Antietam, and Gettysburg.

'Led by a dedicated onboard Civil War historian, you will travel from the banks of the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers to the hallowed grounds of the East Coast, exploring America’s major Civil War battlefields, places of remembrance, and reflection,' American Cruise Lines explains." ~

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