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A 10 Years Restoration Of A World Word II Airplane

One of the only two remaining World War II Vickers Wellington bomber restoration is ending. The airplane will be displayed at the Royal Air Force Museum in Cosford, England. The exhibition opened on May 16th, 2023

Vickers Wellington Bombers | Royal Air Force File Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Dailymail ~ "A Second World War Vickers Wellington bomber has been restored to its former glory after ten years of painstaking work - and will be centre of a new exhibition.

The 1944 Wellington, one of only two remaining, will form the focal point of a new Bomber Command exhibition at RAF Museum Midlands in Cosford, Shropshire, next week.

The fuselage and inner wings sections of the bomber have been fully restored and can be viewed by member of the public for the first time.

The plane was famed for its geodetic fuselage structure, designed by Barnes Wallis, and 1942 Wellingtons were the most common aircraft in Bomber Command.

They began to be replaced by more capable four-engined heavy bombers such as Halifaxes and Lancasters.

Wellingtons continued to operate with Bomber Command as a training aircraft and served in North Africa, Italy, the Far East and Coastal Command." ~ Dailymail

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