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6 Practical Ways to Deal With Travel Anxiety | RealSimple

Travel anxiety comes in many forms. It can include fear of flying, worrying that your luggage will be lost, the anticipation of delays, and many other stressors. This article offers a psychiatrist’s tips for helping deal with stress and anxiety while traveling.

Travel Anxiety

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RealSimple ~ “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could snap your fingers and arrive at your destination—no packing, airport crowds, or customs lines required? If you’re prone to worry and frustration, travel—particularly airport travel—is more than just a necessary inconvenience; it’s often a multifaceted catalyst for (sometimes crippling) stress and anxiety. Whatever potential travel stressor sets you off, find helpful solutions to soothe your mental unease on your next trip, straight from Indra Cidambi, MD, a board-certified psychiatrist, addiction medicine specialist, and medical director at the Center for Network Therapy.” ~ RealSimple

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