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5 Great Military Island Destinations!

Island hopping isn’t just for the rich and famous thanks to awesome military real estate located here in the U.S. and overseas! And with affordable lodging accommodations and maybe even a Space-A flight that may work for your travel plans, you may want to check out our 5 Great Military Island Destinations to start planning your ultimate island getaway!

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Great Military Island Destinations

Gorgeous Guam via Pixabay’

Coronado Island, CA: A popular destination amidst military travelers, Coronado Island offers its own “getaway” atmosphere from the every day activity of the San Diego area. Offering stunning pacific views and no shortage of million dollar homes, Coronado North Island NAS and Coronado NAB provides affordable lodging options to include NGIS, Navy Lodge and Getaway beach accommodations as well as Space-A Air opportunities.

Crete, Greece: Situated on the northwest portion of the island of Crete on Souda Bay, the Island of Crete is a popular destination for millions of tourists seeking to experience its rich Mediterranean culture, historic civilization, warm hospitality and to sample the world’s healthiest cuisine, sunny weather and awesome beaches. Souda Bay NSA offers convenient NGIS lodging and Space-A Air opportunities.

Great Military Island Destinations

Fine-sand beach at Elafonisi, Crete. Photo courtesy of

Guam: The most southern island in the Marianas Island chain, Guam attracts millions of visitors seeking beautiful beaches, crystal clear blue skies and an intriguing 4,000 year history. Military visitors can check out Andersen Air Force Base at the northern tip of the island and Naval Base Guam located on Apra Harbor on the southwest side of the island. Andersen AFB and Naval Base Guam offer NGIS lodging as well as Space-A Air opportunities at Andersen AFB.

Hawaii: Loved for its tropical beaches and amazing sunsets, Hawaii has been a favorite vacation spot for military families as it offers a wide variety of destination locations on the islands of Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii (also known as “The Big Island). With a total of 12 bases and recreation areas offering lodging and a variety of Getaways, travelers are sure to enjoy any location they choose as well as the convenience of two bases offering Space-A Air opportunities (Hickam AFB and Kaneohe Bay MCB). Click here for easy access to the Hawaii lodging page!

Great Military Island Destinations

Amazing and beautiful Hawaiian waterfall. Photo courtesy of

Nantucket, MA: A summer destination with dune-backed beaches and quaint eateries and boutique shopping districts, Nantucket has been a long-time favorite destination for not just east coaster’s, but for millions of vacationers! Although lodging is at a premium on this small but mighty island, it is possible to snag the Nantucket Vacation House and enjoy the beautiful shores along the Atlantic Ocean. You may also want to check out the Cuttyhunk Island Recreation Lodging, which offers two apartment style accommodations. Please note that Cuttyhunk Island lodging is a lottery system.

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