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Why You Should Still Consider A Trip To Maui

Many businesses on the island of Maui are still operating despite the devastating wildfire that destroyed a huge part of the island. Local owners are begging people to consider Maui as their vacation destination still. A business owner located roughly 20 miles from Lahaina is still operating today but losing revenue due to a lack of tourists still wanting to spend their vacation in Maui. ~ "Javier Cantellops, a Maui boat captain and dive tour operator, has an urgent message for people considering visiting the popular vacation destination: Head to Hawaii's second-biggest island asap.

Local business owners say calls from some government officials, airlines and celebrities to stay away from Maui after wildfires destroyed the town of Lahaina, killing at least 114, were inappropriate. With many tourists canceling planned trips, small businesses in Maui are hurting.

'The west side is devastated and Lahaina is closed off, but Maui is still open, and the No. 1 way to support Maui during the crisis is to come back. We need returning visitors and their smiling faces,' Cantellops told CBS MoneyWatch.

Cantellops estimates that in the past week alone, his two businesses — Maui Dreams Dive Company and Island Style Diving — have collectively lost between $35,000 to $38,000 in revenue from canceled bookings. They are both based in Kihei, which is on Maui's southwest shore roughly 20 miles from Lahaina." ~

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