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Why Villa Holidays Could Surge Post Covid-19

Villa Holidays may not be something you’ve considered in the past when planning your getaways. But maybe you should add a villa holiday to your list of vacation ideas!

GodSaveThePoints ~ ” Your grill, your food, your pool.

Villa Holidays

Last year, seeking a week of quiet relaxation with no one but family, we headed off to Portugal. It’s a wonderful destination, and although there’s usually culture to be discovered when you cross a border, that wasn’t the largest emphasis of the trip. It was getting away to somewhere beautiful, seeing the sun shine and taking dips in the pool, and at about $1000 for a villa with a pool and four bedrooms, it felt like an incredible bargain.

Looking at a post covid-19 world, it’s not hard to imagine how this sort of vacation may shine, and in many instances they’re nowhere near as expensive as one may think…” ~ GodSaveThePoints

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