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Using Your Cell Phone on a Plane

Using your cell phone on a plane – can you? The short answer: yes and no. Passengers are still not allowed to use their cellular connection to text on a plane, but since October 2013 the use of devices like iPhones and tablets is allowed on flights within the U.S., provided they’re in airplane mode while taxiing and in the sky.

Fliers can enable Wi-Fi at any time, but likely won’t be able to access the in-flight network until an announcement is made that the service is active—usually when the plane goes above 10,000 feet. Although that could soon be changing: last month, Norwegian Airlines launched “gate-to-gate” Wi-Fi, which will work during both take-off and landing.

Click the link below to read the full story on using your cell phone onboard.

cell phone usage on plane
cell phone on a plane

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