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Tricare Coverage Questions And Answers While Traveling Overseas

Planning a trip overseas is always an exciting adventure! What to see? Where to stay? Preparing for a medical emergency while traveling is less glamorous.

Here are a few answers to where to start if you are a Tricare beneficiary. ~ "Q:Does TRICARE cover me if I need emergency care?

A: Yes. If you reasonably think you have an emergency, call the emergency number of the country you’re in, or go to the nearest emergency room. The TRICARE Overseas contractor, International SOS, provides 24/7 support if you need urgent or emergency care. Choose the country where you’re located for a list of contact numbers, including the Medical Assistance number.

If you’re admitted to the hospital overnight, notify the TRICARE Overseas Program Regional Call Center within 24 hours or on the next business day. After you return home, contact your health care provider, as you may need follow-up care.

Under certain circumstances, TRICARE may cover air evacuations.

Q:What should I do if I get sick on my trip?

A: For medical conditions that aren’t emergencies but need professional attention within 24 hours or any other nonemergency care, active duty service members must seek care at military hospitals or clinics when possible. Everyone else should follow their health plan’s rules for getting urgent care overseas. If you need to quickly find a provider overseas, use the provider search tool or call International SOS.

If you need medical advice, the Military Health System Nurse Advice Line might be an option. It’s a free service available outside the United States in any country with a military hospital or clinic.

Remember that whatever type of health care you receive, you may need to pay up front and file a claim with the overseas claims processor to be reimbursed. Be sure to keep all receipts associated with your care." ~

For more answers on using Tricare for your healthcare needs during an overseas trip, please click the link below.

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