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Tips On What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed Or Canceled

Check out some tips to consider if your flight is delayed or canceled. It is never a pleasant experience to be stranded at an airport due to a flight cancelation, but there are a couple of things that you can do to ease the pain and even get help.

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You may be able to rebook at a new flight time or even to a new 'nearby' origin or destination city.

There are times when automated rebooking systems are not your best option, though. Sometimes, the only automated option is for a red-eye flight or a future flight heading to your destination more than two days later. That’s especially true with flights as full as they are right now.

If you can’t find what you need online, find an airline employee who knows how to work the ticketing desk. Look at their uniforms and name tags to ensure you get a ticket agent and not a baggage handler or similarly outsourced contractor.

If the U.S. call center has a long hold time (which happens during widespread issues), you can try dialing an international number for faster service. You might also find success reaching out to an airline on Twitter, via chat or other social media channels when customer service lines are busy.

Check airport hotels

While thinking through what to do in case of a flight delay or cancellation, consider your options at airport hotels, which can fill up if there are major delays and cancellations. Sometimes, it is best to pull the plug on getting home that day, get some good rest and try again in the morning.

Show up early for standby flights

If you know in advance that your flight is canceled or delayed, heading to the airport early could score you a same-day standby flight that gets you to your destination early. Getting on the standby list isn’t a foolproof method, especially if the earlier flight is almost full. This is a case where having elite status can help since you’ll have priority over non-elite travelers. Additionally, some airlines charge a fee for non-elite travelers to get on the standby list for an earlier flight." ~

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