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The Faery Falls Hike In Northern California Is A Must For Waterfall Lovers

Are you looking for an early Fall Adventure? Check out this spectacular hike with a gorgeous payoff at the trail's end!

Only In Your State ~ “The hike to Faery Falls will leave you in awe of the beautiful waterfalls that are hiding in Northern California. It’s simply a must-see! This 1.5-mile hike in northern California ends at Faery Falls, a waterfall you need to see with your own eyes.

The Mt. Shasta area in Northern California is chock full of opportunities for adventure. Not only is Mt. Shasta itself a wonder that begs to be explored, but the region around it is filled with gorgeous lakes, forests, valleys, and tons of spectacular waterfalls. One of them is Faery Falls, and it’s a waterfall you’ll want to see with your own eyes. Thankfully, the hike to Faery Falls is short and easy, making it the perfect adventure waterfall lovers of all ages and abilities. For a sweet little adventure with a big payoff, be sure to check it out.” Only In Your State

Image courtesy of YouTube/Redding Visitors Bureau

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