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Taking To The Trails With RJ & Liz | Wrightsville Beach, NC

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Wrightsville Beach is the perfect size for a little beach getaway. It is an island just four miles long. You can find various restaurants on the island, and Wilmington is just a short drive away from other food and supplies.

Wrightsville Beach's original name was Ocean View Beach, but it changed in 1899 to Wrightsville Beach. You would think the Wright Brothers were the inspiration, but the town was named after a local - Judge, Joshua Grainger Wright. You can find more of the story here:

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort, Wrightsville.

The hotel has direct beach access and both an indoor and outdoor pool. We like to visit the beach in the off-season. It is less crowded and not too hot.

Holiday Inn Resort, Wrightsville Beach, NC
Breakfast-Brunch at the Holiday Inn

We visited in mid-December 2021. In the off-season, many hotels do their maintenance and repairs. It can be a little loud, but they keep that to daytime hours. We had warm sunny weather for December and enjoyed the beautiful wide beach at Wrightsville Beach. We sat on our balcony and watched the dolphins and birds. The main street was decorated with holiday decorations, making for pleasant walks seeing all the beach homes and yachts.

Address: E Wrightsville Beach NC, 28480

Phone: Reservations - 888-480-0427, Direct - 910-256-2231.

Staying at IHG hotels on Army Bases is an excellent way to spend your hotel points, which will usually work well in the off-season. In this case, we used our points. Standard difficulty applies to using points for hotel stays. That is to say, it can be a pain to find hotels that will let you use your points, but with a bit of persistence and flexibility, you can usually find a location.

Most of Walmart and Target can be found in Wilmington, just a few miles away. We like to shop at some discount groceries like Lidl in town (1451 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington), where you can stock up your hotel fridge and use the in-room microwave. The nearest commissary is at Camp Lejeune, which is 58 miles north.

Places to Eat:

Restaurants we enjoyed in Wrightsville Beach:

RJ & Liz Crawford at the Bluewater Grill

Bluewater Grill

We had lunch at the Bluewater Grill, which is very upscale, and if you're lucky, you can get a seat overlooking the yacht club. Fresh seafood is the best choice here.

RJ's meal at the Bluewater Grill

Address:4 Marina St, Wrightsville Beach, NC

Phone 910-256-8500

The Fish House Grill

RJ's lunch at the Fish House Grill

Fresh seafood is your best choice. It is a little less upscale than the Bluewater Grill and just on the other side of the waterway. We tend to enjoy these less expensive restaurants.

Address: 1410 Airlie Rd, Wilmington, NC

Phone: 410-256-3693,

Wrightsville Beach, NC

If you feel like a weekend getaway on the North Carolina Shores, the closest military lodging is Lejeune Inn, MCB Camp Lejeune.

Lejeune Inn is about 60 miles north of Wrightsville Beach, NC. This facility offers queen-bed and king-bed suites or double-queen and king-guest rooms. Some guest rooms are pet friendly. A daily $10 non-refundable pet fee and additional restrictions apply.

Inns of the Corps — Lejeune Inn

Address: 896 Holcomb Blvd., Camp Lejeune, NC.

Phone: 910-451-3041.

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