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Space-A Travel to Naval Station Rota, Spain: Official Travel Only

If you were hoping to catch a hop to Naval Station Rota, Spain - you are in for a bit of a letdown. At this time, Space-A Travel to Rota is for those traveling on official orders only, as well as those who have a Spanish ID, Spanish Residence, or Spanish Passport. This restriction can be found on their 72-hour slides, and reads as follows:

Immigration and Customs clearance processes are not available at the terminal for non-official duty travelers (those not on official orders, to include unofficial space-A travelers) at NS Rota or Morón AB. Neither NS Rota nor Morón AB are Kingdom of Spain ports of embarkation. Only passengers on official PCS and TDY Orders will receive a Schengen immigration stamp on their orders or the passport. Other travelers may pass through the Air Terminal to other destinations, but they will not have authority to leave the installation or enter Schengen. Any non-official duty passenger that leaves the installation will have illegally entered into Spain and risks apprehension and deportation proceedings by the Kingdom of Spain. NS Rota does not provide Spanish customs or health services but does provide US customs. Please plan accordingly. You may contact the passenger terminal with questions and concerns at and 727 – 2411 Immigration Office at +34 956 811302 For more information, visit: NSA Rota Passenger Terminal

NAVAL STATION ROTA, Spain (April 6, 2022) Aerial photo of Naval Station (NAVSTA) Rota facilities, April 6, 2022. NAVSTA Rota sustains the fleet, enables the fighter and supports the family by conducting air operations, port operations, ensuring security and safety, assuring quality of life and providing the core services of power, water, fuel and information technology. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Nathan Carpenter) | Source:

Please visit for more information. Scroll down to the 72-Hour Schedule, and you will find this information on the first slide.

However, that doesn't mean that you can't visit Spain! If you want to get to Europe via Space-A, the major east-coast terminals will have flights to Ramstein Air Base in Germany, or you can hop on the Patriot Express to Mildenhall, UK and take a commercial flight from there! Getting around Europe is fairly easy, once you get there. Trains and commercial planes are aplenty!

We will keep you posted when we hear any updates. Thanks for reading and happy travels!

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