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Space-A Air Terminal Of The Week | Travis Air Force Base, CA

Travis Air Force Base AMC terminal is located at 400 Burgan Blvd, Bldg P3, Fairfield. The terminal is straight south of the main gate on Burgan Blvd.

This terminal has frequent flights to Guam, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Texas, Germany, and much more! It is why Travis Air Force Base passenger terminal is known to be "the Hub to the Pacific!"

The Travis AFB AMC passenger terminal offers a family lounge with play equipment and children-sized restrooms. The lounge is only open during the day.

The passenger terminal lounge also offers showers, seats, and restrooms. The Delta breeze Club is located less than a mile from the terminal and provides a sports bar and a restaurant.

The closest temporary military lodging is the Westwind Inn, an Air Force Inn that is only half a mile from the terminal. The Inn offers a queen or full-sized room and suites. Inn is pet friendly. Additional fees or restrictions may apply.

For more information on Space-A travel, check out our new Military Space-A Air Travel Guide! Or the Space-A F.A.Q section on our website Space-A air FAQ.

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