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Ramstein Air Base, Germany | Space-A Air Terminal Of The Week

Ramstein Air Base in Germany is approximately eighty-five miles southwest of Frankfurt, Germany.

Ramstein Air Base Passenger terminal offers frequent flights to JB Andrews, MD, Aviano Air Base in Italy, Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI), Dover Air Force Base, DE, or Mildenhall Royal Air Force, Great Britain.

Ramstein Air Base is part of the biggest US military community in Europe. Ramstein Air Base is a five-hour drive from Paris to the west and a five-hour drive southeast to Munich.

Ramstein Passenger Terminal amenities include a Subway Sandwich restaurant (hours: Mon.-Fri. 0600-1800, Sat.-Sun. Closed), A family lounge with a play area, vending machines, bathrooms, an ATM, and a large USO.

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