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Quebec Hôtel De Glace Reopened On January 16th.

A few weeks ago, Quebec's Hôtel de Glace reopened and offered a unique experience again. The hotel advertises brand-new features like open-air hot tabs and a "frosty" bar.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay ~ "Quebec's Hôtel de Glace is a winter wonderland with a glistening grand hall, ice bar and hot tubs under the stars that could be everything you need to fully embrace the ice and snow.

The only ice hotel in North America reopens in full on January 16 with the reveal of a glacial grand slide that completes the site made entirely of unconventional materials — 2,300 blocks of ice and 15,000 tons of snow.

Each room is unique, some with carved designs encircling beds made out of blocks of ice. Guests are given a sleeping bag and insulating sheet to cozy up in the crisp atmosphere, which hovers around -5 C throughout the space.

During a stay, guests can explore the frozen hotel adorned with ice chandeliers and grand archways. There's an ice workshop where you can discover more ice sculptures and an indoor ice luge to try. An overnight stay also grants access to a nearby ice skating path that lights up at night.

The popular ice bar on-site serves signature cocktails not 'on the rocks' but in them. The bright blue Windshield Washer, for instance, comes in a frozen glass that resembles and ice cube. Guests are offered a complimentary welcome drink on arrival." ~

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