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New Technology Showing Up At Airports Across The Nation

A screening process called a "CAT screen" checks a passenger's physical appearance, then cross-references it with no-fly lists and more. The process eliminates the need for Boarding Cards at the TSA check-in.

The Points Guy ~ "At a rapidly expanding number of airports, the TSA staff is using the Credential Authentication Technology system to scan your driver’s license or other government identification. The system authenticates the identification, confirms the flight reservation associated with the ID, checks for pre-screening status such as TSA PreCheck and cross-references it with security alerts. It does all of this without you needing to present your boarding pass.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

During the past three years, the TSA has installed more than 1,600 CAT units in 175 airports, according to TSA spokesperson Lorie Dankers. The number of airports using the system has grown nearly 50% from the number the TSA reported just last year.

The time saved by passengers not having to fumble with phone screens or search pockets for a paper boarding pass should increase the speed of screening and reduce the time spent standing in TSA lines. On a crowded day, this new system could save you 10-15 minutes of wait time.

Passengers must still check in for their flights, either in person or online. Additionally, they will still need to present their boarding pass, either an electronic or paper version, at the departure gate before being allowed to board the plane.

Acceptable IDs for the CAT program include:

  • U.S. passport or passport card.

  • Global Entry card.

  • Nexus card.

  • Permanent resident card.

  • Driver’s or enhanced driver’s license from the U.S. or Canada that’s Real ID compliant by May 2023." ~ The Points Guy.

For all the information concerning the new TSA technology, click the link below:

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