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Midlothian, VA | Featured Smart Military Retirement Location Of The Week

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Midlothian is best for someone looking for a slower pace life and quiet country living, with easy access to city convenience.

Midlothian is the site of the first recorded commercial coal mine in the United States. In 2004, the city converted the coal mine into a park. Mid-Lothian Mines Park has become a 44-acre preserve perfect for hiking or bird watching.

Feel like a lovely evening out? Midlothian Turnpike possesses many diverse restaurants. The area is also home to two major shopping malls; the Winchester Commons on the west and Chesterfield Town Center on the east.

The closest military base is Fort Lee, thirty-seven miles away. Fort Lee provides military retirees with access to a commissary. The Richmond Defense Supply Center, twenty miles away, is the closest exchange. Richmond offers many VA facilities within a short drive.

If you are looking for country living with easy access to golf courses and city amenities, Midlothian, VA, is the town for you!

Midlothian, VA is one of the 120 locations listed in our Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™. Filled with locations chosen based on data relevant to military retirees, our 2022 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™ will help you find the location best suited for your ideal retirement. For more information and to purchase our guide, click here.

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