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Just Added: Utah House – Fort Huachuca, AZ

Utah House  - Fort Huachuca

Check out this awesome MWR rental! The three bedroom Utah House, Fort Huachuca, offers a fully furnished kitchen, private bath, a rustic setting within the safety and security of the base, a full range of support facilities and so much more all at a very affordable nightly rate. If the Utah House looks like a place you would like to stay while visiting Fort Huachuca and Cochise County, contact MWR Rents, C-520-533-6707 today and get started making your plans!

Fort Huachuca offers a variety of on-base entertainment and activities, as well as stunning views of the Huachuca Mountains! Old mining towns are within a short drive, as well as many “ghost towns” within the inviting communities of Cochise County. Trail rides, majestic views, excellent hiking, many state parks and historic sites as well as unique mining town experiences await!

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