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January 2024 Military Patriot Express 30-Days Flights Schedule

Patriot Express or PE are military flights but similar to regular commercial flights. Those flights have meals, flight attendants, and movies and are not cargo planes but typical passenger aircraft.

Please note that the 30-day flight Passenger Express flight schedule for the Seatac Passenger Terminal extends to April 31th, and the Norfolk Passenger Terminal has reopened.

Additionally, the Seattle-Tacoma International Gateway terminal does not list their flights chronologically but rather by destinations, i.e., you will get the dates flights are scheduled to that specific destination.

Patriot Express Flight landing In UK
Photo by Tech. Sgt. Anthony Hetlage | DVIDS

Those Military Patriot Express flights do have small fees per passenger. Fees are for inspections and head taxes. Maximum costs per person for flights from the U.S. to overseas are less than $50 per person. (One way)

Another advantage of those PE flights is that the schedule is posted at least a month in advance.

Space-A Air is only available if flights have any available seats beyond the mission's need. Some flights will be packed and have no seats left. Space-Available seats will only be known three days before the flight.

As with any military flight, the schedule can change, sometimes at the last minute. Duty passengers get priority from Space-A travelers.

The convenience of a regular aircraft and a relatively consistent schedule makes Patriot Express flights popular to Space-A travelers, which means seats are competitive, especially during PCS season and holidays.

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