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IHG Army Hotels – Listing Updates!

In our continued efforts to maintain accurate information for our subscribers, we recently updated the IHG Army Hotels listed on and have added the following location:

Fort Lee, VA: IHG Army Hotels Mackintosh Buildings 9050-9056 have been added. IHG Army Hotels Fort Lee Lodge is still in operation (new facility in 2013).

IHG Army Hotels

IHG Army Hotels – Mackintosh Buildings, Fort Lee, Virginia.

We also removed the following four locations as they have been permanently closed:

Fort Campbell, KY: IHG Army Hotels Richardson Complex only. Turner House Holiday Inn Express still in operation.

Fort Polk, LA: Traditions Circle DVQ Houses only. Cyprus Inn and Magnolia House Holiday Inn Express still in operation.

Fort Leonard Wood, MO: IHG Army Hotels Sturgis Heights only. IHG Candlewood Suites, IHG Foster Lodge, IHG Morelli Heights Holiday Inn Express and IHG Warrior Lodge are still in operation.

White Sands Missile Range, NM: IHG Army Hotels Goddard Street Houses only. IHG Bldgs 501& 502 and IHG Guest House Bldg 506 are still in operation.

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