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Free Stays In Sardinia For Remote Workers

Have you ever dreamed of moving to Italy? Owner let Digital Nomads from foreign countries live free for three months.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay ~ "Free stays for remote workers

Ollolai’s town hall has earmarked 20,000 euros ($21,460) to host 30 remote workers from all over the world, who can stay in the village, one at a time, over the next two years. Online applications are open through December. Those who are chosen can stay for free for up to three months at a time, which is the maximum period non-Europeans can remain in Italy without a visa. For now, Partis plans to stay just one month, though she said she might consider prolonging her Sardinian experience at a later stage.

'We expect a lot of Americans,' she said. 'Our goal is to revive Ollolai with new people of different cultures and languages that may share their experience [as] digital nomads with the residents.'

The budget, from the town hall’s coffers, will go toward renting homes from local families for the digital nomads, at a cost of roughly 350 euros a month for a furnished two-bedroom dwelling. Utilities, bills and town hall service taxes will also be covered, said Matta, but transportation and airplane tickets are not." ~

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