Featured Lodging | IHG Carlisle Barracks-Historia, PA

Updated: Jun 20

This week’s featured lodging is IHG Carlisle Barracks-Historia in Carlisle, PA.

IHG Carlisle Barracks featured 45 well-equipped units located in Carlisle Barrack Army Base (War College) in Pennsylvania.

The lodge is less than a 45 minutes drive to Harrisburg, PA, the state capital.

Rooms are housed in 3 buildings: Ashburn Hall, Pratt Hall, and Washington Hall. Continental breakfast is served daily in Ashburn Hall. Each room features a refrigerator and a microwave. Some rooms offer kitchens. Amenities include laundry, a business center, and a continental breakfast. Pets are allowed in this facility.

Base Amenities include a splash zone pool, a bowling alley, an outdoor recreation center, an automotive skill center, and a 6300 yards golf course open from April through November.

Lodging Information:

Phone: 717-245-4245

Email: AmerCarlisleBarracksDVQReservations@ihg.com

Address: 36 Flower Rd Building 36, Carlisle, PA 17013-5106.

Check In/Check Out: Check In: 1600 hours. Check Out: 1100 hours.

Carlisle Barracks is one of the oldest army bases in the United States. The site of the US Army War College.

The base is located in Carlisle, PA, close to fun activities like Hershey Park (50 min. drive) or the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. And many more activities such as unique car shows and cruises.

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