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Edelweiss Lodge & Resort Reservation Eligibility Change

Internal reviews calls for limits on eligibility to comply with SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement)

Press Release as of July 22, 2015

Edelweiss Lodge & Resort, Germany. Photo courtesy of Edelweiss Lodge & Resort.

Edelweiss Lodge & Resort, Germany. Photo courtesy of Edelweiss Lodge & Resort.

A recent internal review of the Status of Forces Agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany determined that rules regarding patronage at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch were not being met. According to the regulation that defines eligibility for AFRC Resort patronage in Europe (AER600–700), retires residing in Germany are authorized to utilize the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort once they have the proper tax authorizations from the German government. Retirees or active-duty personnel who do not live in EUCOM must spend at least 30 days in Europe and have verification of eligibility from the German customs office before they may stay at the resort.

“It is an unfortunate development and we’re so sorry this may limit lodging options for service members and retirees visiting Europe” said Mr. Allman, General Manager of the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, “but we must comply with the SOFA agreement.”

Reservations made prior to June 10, 2015, will be honored. Effective immediately, Edelweiss Lodge and Resort can no longer accept new reservations from CONUS-based active duty and retired personnel. CONUS-based military ID card holders (including retirees) travelling with an authorized sponsor who has been stationed or TDY for more than 30 days in Europe may stay at the resort. Eligible patrons are able to sponsor up to three rooms and must be present during their sponsored guests’ stay.

Note: Eligibility criteria updated/modified June 2015. Please read below for eligibility authorizations that apply to a majority of our guests.

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort authorized patrons include active-duty military members in European Command (EUCOM), certain military retirees, military reservists in EUCOM, national guardsmen in EUCOM, current Department of Defense civilian employees assigned to EUCOM, foreign military currently on orders assigned to a U.S. military installation and the family members of authorized patrons. NATO military members with a USAREUR installation pass and AE Form 600-700 are eligible to stay at the Edelweiss Resort.

Information in article obtained from

Reprint from September–October 2015 • Volume 45, No. 5


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