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Edelweiss Lodge & Resort – Discover Packages

Edelweiss Resort in Garmisch, Germany, announced great deals on upcoming stays! Check them out below. Those plans seem extremely popular, so do not wait to start planning your European vacation!

Neuschwanstein Castle
Photo Courtesy Of Pixabay

Edelweiss Lodge & Resort ~Announcing our hassle-free package for stateside visitors! Not to be confused with European Escapes inclusive package tours. The Discover Package gives you the freedom to choose from our guided tours and customize your stay. One of the hardest parts of international travel is after you get off a trans-Atlantic flight, the mission isn't complete. You still need a train, bus, or taxi to complete the journey to Garmisch. Our discounted Discover Package takes the hassle out of getting to Garmisch from Munich airport. Our staff will greet you at Munich airport and get you to Edelweiss Resort stress-free in our bus.

11 Night Discover Package / $2,599 for two adults :

• 14 - 25 April (15 spots)

• 26 May – 6 June (SOLD OUT)

• 16 - 27 June (3 spots)

• 7 - 18 July (4 spots)

• 28 July - 8 August (4 spots) 

• 18 - 29 August (SOLD OUT)

• 8 - 19 Sept (1 spot) 

• 29 Sept - 10 Oct (SOLD OUT)

• 10 - 21 November (SOLD OUT)

Discover Package includes:

• Airport bus transportation to and from Munich International Airport (set times)• Hotel accommodations for 11 nights (or 7 nights) at Edelweiss Resort • Daily breakfast buffet at Market Station restaurant• Edelweiss tours and activities can be reserved in advance at an additional cost." ~ Edelweiss Lodge & Resort

Click the link below for more details regarding the Edelweiss Resort Discover Package.

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