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Desert Breeze Travel Camp on Yuma APG, AZ – Featured RV Camping Facility

Desert Breeze Travel Camp on Yuma APG, AZ is a large and accommodating RV Park located on base and near to the Colorado River. Offering over 100 full hookup sites and open year-round, this is a popular destination during any season!

Guests will enjoy a full range of support facilities and activities on base, as well as the convenience of many area attractions and outdoor adventures! The RV park is close to both the Arizona and California borders. While here, visit the Century House Museum, Fort Yuma, the St. Thomas Mission, Yuma Territorial Prison and the Quechan Indian Museum in Old Fort Yuma to get a taste of this pre-old west town!

Click the link below to start making your travel plans today!

Desert Breeze Travel Camp
Desert Breeze Travel Camp

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