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Department Of Defense Announced A plan to Lower Prices At Commissaries

We can all appreciate a little break on our grocery bill. The Department of Defense invested in a plan to reduce grocery item prices at the commissary.

US Department of Defense ~ "Service members and their families will soon see a 3-5% decrease in pricing on most grocery items in their commissaries as part of a Defense Department initiative to bolster the economic security and stability of the military community.

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DOD's 'Taking Care of Service Members and Families' initiative lays out comprehensive actions to support military members struggling with the financial impacts of inflation, supply chain disruptions and the pandemic.

'The department's added investment in our budget allows us to reduce commissary prices at the register about 3-5% on most items — particularly on food staples that struggling military families need most such as bread, eggs, milk and more,' Bill Moore, director and CEO of the Defense Commissary Agency, said. 'With this boost we can achieve at least 25% in overall savings for eligible patrons who shop their commissaries.' 

Commissary customers are expected to see price changes at most locations by mid-October. Pricing on some products and categories will vary.

Before the additional funding, DeCA was able to provide service members and their families with discounted groceries that cost on average 22% less than civilian grocery stores for fiscal year 2022. 

'Going forward with the department's initiatives, we want to sustain the increased savings through fiscal year 2023 and exceed the 25% benchmark to the extent our resources allow,' Moore said. ~ US Department of Defense.

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