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D-Day 75th Anniversary is Approaching

As the D-Day 75th anniversary approaches, Normandy, France, is preparing for another onslaught — this one the commemorative type. This year is especially poignant because it could be the last big gathering for Greatest Generation soldiers, many of whom are in their mid-90s.

The England-based D-Day Center has compiled an online list ( of many of the events in England and France commemorating June 6, 1944, when Allied forces landed on Normandy beaches to force the end of Adolf Hitler’s dominance. In France, where the date is called “le Débarquement,” events include hundreds of paratroopers wearing World War II-style uniforms jumping into Normandy from C-47 Skytrains or Dakotas, parades, helicopter rides, historical walks, concerts, films, conferences, art exhibits, memorial ceremonies, fireworks, battle reenactments, bagpipe performances, ship landings, receptions for veterans, wreath-laying, a 75-mile run and more.

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D-Day 75th Anniversary

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D-Day Normandy

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