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Congress Opposed Increasing Military Benefits To Disabled Veterans

Disabled Vets endured a crashing blow this year when the House Rule Committee declined the advancement of a measure to increase benefits to Disabled Veterans. With cost-of-living rising fast, many are disappointed by the decision.

nbcnews ~ "In a blow to combat-disabled veterans, the House Rules Committee declined to move the measure forward, but it approved hundreds of others, including one that addresses UFOs.

A measure that would have provided desperately needed monthly compensation to about 50,000 severely disabled war veterans was left out of the House's defense spending in a blow to retired service members struggling to survive amid rising inflation.

The House Rules Committee declined last week to advance the Maj. Richard Star amendment, which would make medically retired and severely disabled combat veterans with under 20 years of active service eligible for both disability and retirement benefits.

Under current law, only disabled veterans who have served 20 years receive both benefits.

Those with fewer years of service receive disability payments, but not retirement — an injustice that robs retired service members of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month that are not only sorely needed but earned, veteran groups say." ~ nbsnews.

For more information regarding the amendment, please read full article below.

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