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An Incredible Trek Across Costa Rica

Are you looking for a new travel adventure for 2024? Consider this incredible trip across Costa Rica, away from conventional tourist attractions and closer to local culture.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

travelandleisure ~ "Hiking the Camino de Costa Rica this year proved me wrong. Managed and promoted by the nonprofit Mar a Mar Association, this 174-mile-long trail stretches across the entire country — from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

The 16-stage route spans five separate microclimates, and passes through remote villages, Indigenous land, protected natural areas, and more than 20 towns that up until now have benefited little from conventional tourism. Along the way, trekkers eat and sleep in local homes and family-run lodges. 

A walking safari, a culinary tour, and a cultural deep dive rolled into one, the Camino is also physically challenging. While travelers can technically walk it by themselves, it’s wise to hire a guide: the trail is isolated, and there are lots of prickly and poisonous things along the way. I also found it helpful to have someone who could field questions about the mind-boggling flora and fauna." ~ travelandleisure

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