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A New Modular Camper Van System That Is Built For Custom Needs

When it comes to camper vans, we all know that finding the balance between what we need and what will fit is very personalized. A new company in Germany is revolutionizing the camper van with a modular system that offers thousands of possibilities.

camper Van
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New Atlas ~ "'The most flexible vehicle in the world" and the 'future of camping' – that's how German camper shop Vanexxt envisions its newest creation, the Ford Tourneo Custom V710. It might seem like it's overreaching, but the company has a clear plan on how to surpass some of Europe's other most modular camper vans.

Vanexxt intends for the Tourneo Custom V710 to be the right vehicle for every situation, an adaptable jack-of-all-trades that carries owners through the work and school week, on into the weekend, and back to the start all over again, without leaving anyone wishing for a second vehicle. It has a big advantage in this regard, as the startup was founded in 2022 as a joint venture between camper module builder BusBoxx and van interior outfitter DriveDressy, each of which offers its own product lineup from which Vanexxt borrows for the Ford van.

Prices currently start just under €54,440 (incl. VAT, approx. US$59,325) but can rise quickly and dramatically based on what options the buyer selects. For example, a Level 2 van with all-wheel drive powertrain, pop-up sleeper roof, three-seat folding rear bench/bed, stove/refrigerator module, sink module, cabinet unit and accompanying mounting plates and hardware lists at €80,318 ($87,525) in Vanexxt's 2024 catalog." ~ New Atlas

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