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8 Google Travel Features For Smooth Trips

Did you know that Google has “Tech Tips” to ease your travel? Learn how the technology in your pocket can help you enjoy a smoother trip from Airport maps to EV charging station locations and more! ~ “Summer is here, and travel season is in full swing. So when you’re planning your next trip, you’ll want to take advantage of the tools available on Google Maps and Google Flights.

Here’s why: Google Flights can help you track prices for any dates you plan on flying out. And if you’re heading to a new mall out of town, Google Maps can help you figure out how to steer clear of crowds. If you’re going on a spring break vacation trip and don’t know the airport well, Google Maps can easily help you find some food or coffee there. And if you’re driving separately to your destination, you can use Google Maps to let your friends and family know your whereabouts.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you all the ways Google can help make your vacations go smoothly.

See how much a flight will cost for any date you plan to leave

On May 2, Google announced a new feature that will let you find the best deal on flights heading to your destination. Now you can start tracking prices to find deals for any date, and Google will send you an email if it detects lower than typical prices in the next three to six months.

Just head to Google Flights on your browser and type in your destination. If you don’t have a specific date in mind for traveling, select Any dates to find the best deal.

Navigate through airports, malls and transit stations

If you need to quickly find a store in a large mall, Google Maps is expanding its Directory tab for all airports, malls and transit stations. This can help when you’re running around the airport trying to find a place to eat or grabbing a last-minute souvenir before catching your flight. The tab will tell you a destination’s business hours and what floor it’s on. You can look through restaurants, stores, lounges and parking lots.

Browse Google Maps to see how busy a place is

Google added a new feature to its Google Maps’ busyness tool. Already you could search for a location, like a business, to see a chart that showed how crowded it is in real time. Now a new feature called Area Busyness lets you see when entire map areas are clogged with people.

To use the new feature, you open the Google Maps app on your Android or iPhone (or your computer’s browser) and move around the map to find a general area, say downtown, a riverwalk or a quaint nearby town. The busyness information will now automatically appear on the map, so you don’t need to specifically search for a place to see how crowded it is. Google Maps may say something like ‘Busy Area’ and when you click for more details, it could say, for example, ‘As busy as it gets.’ ” ~

For the full list of tips and advantage that Google provides to ease your Summer travel plan, click the link below.

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