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35 Winter Wonderlands Around the World | Condé Nast Traveler

“We tend to associate winter with bleak, gray skies and runny noses, but there’s a beautiful side to the season that often gets overlooked. We’re talking about winter wonderlands such as the Italian mountains covered with snow, pristine frozen lakes, and English cottages that put Norman Rockwell paintings to shame. And while we encourage exploring these destinations any time of the year, we won’t judge if you want to walk through some winter wonderlands from behind your (warm) computer screen. So grab a mug of hot chocolate and forget about summer for a little while.” ~ Conde’ Nast Traveler

So who says you can’t enjoy travel in the winter? Please click the link below for the full article.

Winter Wonderlands

Winter view of Lake Bled. Image courtesy of 500px via Wikimedia Commons.

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