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10 Behaviors To Practice Proper Flying Etiquette

Here are some common-sense rules that give way to friendlier travel! These respectful ways avoid tension and promote a more relaxed flight experience ~ "1. Be prepared.

This is especially true at airport security. 'You know you’re going to have to take your shoes and your jacket off,' says Ramsey. 'So don’t wait till you put your bag on the belt before you start doing those things and hold everybody up.'

2. Greet the flight attendants.

'When you’re getting on the flight, acknowledge the flight attendants. Speak to them, smile at them — even with a mask on, people can still see a smile in your eyes,' Ramsey suggests, noting how tough these jobs have been lately.

3. Don’t hog the overhead bins.

'I’ve noticed that some people as soon as they see a space, shove their bag in as quickly as they can and hope they’re not going to get caught, even if they’re at the back of the plane,' says Ramsey. 'You need to put your bag over your own seat.' And don’t shove coats and extra bags up there, either, she adds." ~

For the complete list of "10 ways to practice good Flying Etiquette", please click the link below.

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